Company Information

TrySexToys is an online retail megastore of Sex Toys, Intimate Lingerie, Essentials and more! We offer a wide selection of shocking, pleasurable, name brand products to our clients at affordable prices. Our goal is to source the very best sex toys and lingerie to satisfy your deepest desires. We also aim to provide the best adult product customer service by going above and beyond to meet your every need.


We offer a wide array of more than 16,000+ choices in sex toys and lingerie, to surpass the likes of our nearest rivals. We have hand picked every brand ensuring our clients get top quality products that meet strict manufacturing standards. New products are searched for and incorporated each day into our site so that we will meet your individual needs and desires! Our clients can rely on upon to offer reliable, phenomenal sex toys, lingerie and essentials. We appeal to client’s sexual hankerings and satisfy the varying solicitations, slants and tastes of our client base.

Amazing Shipping/Professional Packaging

We offer world class dispatching and conveying of our sex toys and lingerie. Our staff will dispatch products discretely and speedily. Client solicitations will be deliberately checked as customer service is paramount. We ship to different clients around the globe; making a commitment to go over and beyond when providing customer service to our clients. We essentially want to gain clients for life so they continue to come back to our online store. Our guarantee is effective product fulfillment across all countries around the world including Asia, the USA and Europe. We always ensure we surpass the clients wishes.

Best Customer Service

We regard our relationship with every one of our clients as important with no exceptions! We see our clients association as important and their satisfaction is absolutely key to the success of our business. Our staff are readied and knowledgable in the latest sex toys and lingerie. Our client satisfaction is always at the top thoughts. We look to be your preferred supplier of everything adult.

The very best adult product customer service guaranteed!